More Than Just

We all need reminders that we are more than just… We are more than just moms, just administrative assistants, just cashiers, just waitresses, just victims, just a high school graduate, just entitled, just angry, just feeling left out. I heard it all the time when I was a nurse, “You are just an LPN.” No, I was the person who sat with your parent or grandparent and held their hand as they died. I was the one who helped clean them up and give them medications. I was the one explaining to your doctor why we needed to double-book her schedule because you needed to be seen today.

We are more. We are more than just pastors who work once a week. We are not just the replacement for the previous person who had our job. We are people. We are becoming. We have names. We have stories. We are more than just.

Jesus wasn’t just some Rabbi who lived among his people and had special powers. Jesus wasn’t just a man. Jesus wasn’t just anything. We are more than just. BUT we have to believe in ourselves, because if we don’t believe in ourselves, why should anyone else? I love the Peloton commercial that has an anxious man looking in the mirror reciting, “It’s just another meeting,” as he adjusts his tie. Overhearing his words, his young daughter reminds him what she has been hearing the trainer tell him, “You did not wake up to be mediocre!”

Remember that you are more than just. You define who you are. Be more than just. Find your people, people who encourage you to grow, people who remind you that you are more than just, and that most importantly you are enough. When you find those people, be who you are, be you. You are more than enough!

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