Everyone has a story

I went to pay for my daughter’s violin today. No big deal, like every month, I walk in to see Mr. Pickett. He doesn’t call you if you are a few days late, because he is far too busy to do that. No, he counts on you to be a responsible person. I was the only one in the music store today, and he and I were chatting and he was telling me about a mission trip this man went on.

It seems he had met a gentleman who was going on a mission trip several years ago when he came into the store to buy a trumpet. The man knew nothing about trumpets. He didn’t play the trumpet, nor did he know anyone who did, but when he was packing for this mission trip he couldn’t shake the need to he had to purchase one. So he did. The man went off on his trip and went to several churches in South America taking the trumpet with him. No one in any of the churches had any need for a trumpet until the final church he visited on his final night there. After the service, the man noticed a boy speaking to one of the interpreters and the man walked over to the interpreter and asked him what he was saying. The interpreter told the man who the young boy seemed to think the man had something for him. The man walked back to where is guitar case was sitting and picked up the trumpet case sitting next to it. With tears streaming down his cheeks, he handed the trumpet to the boy who was also sobbing. He said through the interpreter, “I’ve been waiting. God told me you were coming.”

See, everyone has a story!

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