More than a handshake

A handshake may seem simple to you, but for a mom of a child with Autism it is huge. We were leaving church today, and I was in line to shake our pastor’s hand. Jacob doesn’t stand in line, because lines bother him. He always slides out the side door. Today, Pastor Dave called, “Hello, Jacob.” Jacob turned around and said, “Hi!” What he did next, nearly knocked me off my broken foot! Jacob walked over to Dave, and shook his hand.

I am sure there are people who are asking why it is such a big deal that my kid shook someone’s hand? The reason is, my son is Autistic. He doesn’t do things like that. I am a proud momma! I made sure I told him how proud I am of him too. I don’t take moments like that for granted. He is doing so well. We have found a church that loves him for who he is. For the first time in his life, he is participating in Sunday School and Youth Group. I am just so thankful.

We went to see an Endocrinologist this week about his pituitary issue. He has was is called Partial Sella Syndrome. We are waiting on lab results. What happened at the appointment was amazing. Dr. Sanchez looked at Jacob and told him that he could be anything he wanted to be. He could be a doctor or a scientist, and his Autism is not an excuse. He told him to help his mother and treat his sisters politely. In his old age he will need them. They will be the ones who always remember his birthday, and who are always there when he needs them. How I wish I could keep Dr. Sanchez forever!