Life’s Lesson’s (Org. Post Date 5/4/11)

I thought in my old age (33), I might sit down and compose a few things I have learned along the way.

1. The stove is hot, do not touch
2. Mom and dad were usually right (please don’t tell them I said that)
3. Dad was right when he said nothing good ever happens after midnight. (This is in reference to dating and boys, and general teenager stupidity)
4. We are in fact stupid from the age of 13-21 (some of us more than others)
5. It really does hurt to be a parent (if you are doing it right)
6. Life is hard, wear a helmet
7. Hold onto your real friends, you will really need them as adults
8. Kierkegaard is completely correct, “Life is lived forwards, but understood backwards”
9. There is a lot of pain involved in life, laugh as much as you possibly can

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