Just one call

“Is this Jacob’s mother?  This is Dr. Solkol.  The first thing I want to say is we did not see a tumor.”  When the phone rang while I was sitting at my home away from home, Starbucks, I was shocked with the words that I heard my son’s neurologist saying.  I didn’t know we were looking for a tumor.  I thought we were looking at his brain because he was having seizures.  Why are we talking about tumors?  “Your son has a flat pituitary.  He has the space where the gland should go, but there isn’t a gland there.  The bad news is, that it is not the cause of his seizures, so we are going to have to do more testing….hormones….thyroid….tumor….”  I am pretty sure that I had stopped breathing at that moment, and I know that she was still talking, but I am quite sure I could not hear her words any longer.  I know I managed to mumble back some of the information to the doctor.  I had presence of mind to grab pen and paper and scribble some of it down.  Now we are having more tests run to find out what else has been affected by the flat pituitary.  So it isn’t the end of the world, but my child’s life changed at that moment.  Depending on how the labs turn out, his entire life could change, all because of a little phone call.

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